Alterna Access Card with chip technology: the same wallet-sized convenience - only smarter

We're pleased to tell you that your Alterna Access Card is being upgraded to a newer, smarter version with chip technology. Now used worldwide, microchip technology on your debit card stores and processes data, and, when used with a chip-enabled point of sale terminal or ATM, adds an extra level of security to your transactions by validating both the card and cardholder.

Note: For compliance reasons, only debit cards with a chip will be accepted after December 31, 2012 at Canadian financial institutions, ATMs and some point-of-sale terminals.

Quick, convenient account access around town - or around the world

With your new Alterna Access chip card, you'll be able to conveniently:

  • Pay for purchases instead of using cash
  • Instantly withdraw cash from a worldwide network of ATMs (and it's surcharge-free from an Alterna or THE EXCHANGE® Network ATM)
  • Change your PIN at any Alterna ATM, or nationwide at THE EXCHANGE® Network ATMs

Making the move to chip couldn't be easier

You'll use your new card pretty much as you always have, since there are no additional passwords or numbers to remember.

When you receive your new Alterna Access chip card, simply follow the instructions included with the card. In most cases, your card will be ready to use right away.

Know your limits

As with your current Alterna Access Card, personal daily limits will continue to apply to your Alterna Access chip card for cash withdrawals or purchases at chip-enabled terminals. If you don't know your limits, or would like to speak with a representative about changing them, call us. A Contact Centre representative will be happy to help.

Get your Alterna Access chip card

Visit any Alterna branch and receive your Alterna Access Card instantly. If you're not a member, join us.

Find an ATM

Use our ATM locator to see where you can use your Alterna Access Card. Or, find ATMs on-the-go with our locator app for your smartphone. You can download the right app for your device now:

Dog ate your card?

No worries! If your card is lost or stolen, we can help - call us right away at 1.888.807.4101.

To learn more about debit chip card technology, visit

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