Viewing Accounts

The shortcuts on the left-hand side of this screen will help you quickly find your way to do what you need to do, like viewing your account activity, making payments, accessing account services, and more. The links below will connect you to popular web pages without having to logout of online banking.

The summary of all your Alterna accounts and balances
is displayed on the My Accounts screen when you first
log in, along with any scheduled bill payments you may have.

Viewing Accounts

Viewing Account Activity

To see your Account Activity, simply select the account you want to work with from the My Accounts page, or select the View Account Activity from the menu selections on the left. You can narrow your search by selecting from the most recent activity, a date range, or by month. If you're looking for something even more specific, click Advanced Options and make your choice from the drop-down list.

The format you'll see your activity in is automatically set to on-screen. If you'd like to download it to your computer, select the Format from the drop-down list under Advanced Options, then click Search.

Viewing Accounts

Renaming Accounts

If you've got more than one chequing or savings account, you can quickly rename it to something more meaningful to you. For example, if you've got a savings account for your vacation fund, simply click the Rename Accounts link, select the account you'd like to rename from your list of accounts, type the new name, then click Continue. If the name change is correct, click Submit. Then, select if you'd like to return to your Accounts screen, rename another account, or perform another task.

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