Paying bills, adding payees, and recurring payments

Paying a bill

To pay a bill, simply select Payments from the list on the left-hand side, then follow the prompts to complete your transaction. You'll find that paying bills is quick and easy from one screen with our integrated bill payment feature.

Paying bills, adding payees, and recurring payments

Add a payee

To add a payee, simply click the Add Payee option from the Payments page. Then, search for the Payee you want to add either by name using the search feature, or browse by the type of Payee (eg. utilities) by clicking the Browse by Type tab, and follow the prompts. Note that even though we have over 6,000 companies in our payee list, some of them do not participate in our online banking service.

If you have trouble finding a payee, please contact us.

Paying bills, adding payees, and recurring payments

Recurring Payments

To schedule a recurring payment, simply click the Recurring Payments tab, then follow the prompts and fill in your information. When all fields are populated, click the Schedule button, review your information on the confirmation screen, the click Confirm to complete the transaction.

When you've successfully scheduled a payment, you'll see a Receipt screen with a confirmation number. You can record this number for your records, or click to print the receipt to keep on file. From here, you can return to your Accounts screen, pay another bill, or select other options.

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